Website development background

Website development in Odessa

Your site is not only the face of your company, but also your reputation. To create a website that will disclose all the nuances of your business, you should contact the professionals of your business who gathered in DSRproject. After all, the development of sites and their promotion is a matter in which we have invested all our professionalism, years of experience and soul. At first glance, the creation of a site may seem like a simple matter, but it is not. The site should be designed so that the user can easily find intrestively interesting goods, services or information. Thanks to the extensive experience of web development for the markets of the USA, Israel, the CIS and other countries, our specialists create sites that have high conversion and eye-pleasing design.

The creation of sites can be divided into several stages:

  1. Marketing analysis
    At this stage, we conduct an analysis of your business and your competitors. Identify the strengths of your business. We form a common understanding of how the site should look and how it should work.
  2. Technical Planning
    Manufacturing sites is not a simple matter, in the process of work, new ideas constantly arise. A well-established picture in the head in practice may not be as ideal as it seemed. At this stage, we stipulate the timing of the project, agree on a technical work plan. This stage helps to significantly reduce the development time of the site.
  3. Website Design
    One of the most interesting and complex stages. From the sketches on paper and the verbal description, the designer must create a layout of the site that the customer will like. Here we also apply our long-term experience, which helps to find effective solutions.
  4. Website Programming
    At this stage, from the layout that the designer created, and the technical description, the programmer creates the site. If you go into more detail, this section should be divided into several subsections:
    4.1 Layout - programming the visual part of the site.
    4.2 Work on the site management system (CMS) – programming of the technical part of the site
  5. Content
    At this stage, we upload your content (products, articles, writing).
  6. Web site testing
    In order for everything to work as it should, we created special testing algorithms, according to which specialists check the site, then the errors are corrected. After the completion of this stage, the site can be safely placed in the public domain.

If you decide to order a website from us, rest assured that you will receive the ideal tool to promote your business in a digital environment.