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Internet portal is not just a website, its capabilities are much wider. The word "portal" is treated as an "input". It is a complex system that provides users with a lot of interactive services, such as mail and weather, forums and discussions, product catalogs and more, and all of them work within the same site. That is, services include links to third-party sites. This is the difference between a portal and an ordinary site, even if it consists of many pages and services.

All these services are placed with maximum convenience for a huge number of users. The undoubted advantage of a web portal is that it attracts attention and attendance grows without additional spending on advertising. There are many different types of portals: diverse, informational, thematic, corporate (only for a narrow circle of employees of any company), mixed. Each in its own way is useful and unique.

Among the main characteristics of the web portal, you can highlight an original, balanced and user-friendly interface, as well as an exhaustive amount of information, which does not overload the pages. When developing such projects, special attention should be paid to data protection, scalability, backup and ease of use.

This type of site is perfect for large online stores, media, educational institutions, corporate sites.

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