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In our portfolio there is a very interesting work - the development of a one-page site for the theater Nalaga'at about the play "Not by bread alone". This is truly a unique event, where all the actors are deaf and blind, while they manage to involve the contemplator in the world of art of a talented collective that has never been seen before. On the main page there is a presentation of the performance. A simple menu tree provides several categories:

Before you is a site that consists of one, single page. Previously, such lending was perceived as amateurish, but now this option is more acceptable, because most readers scrolling is more practical than using a navigation map. Despite the seeming simplicity, the work on a single page is as laborious as the usual one. To achieve the best performance, our developers took into account all the necessary details for the implementation of this mission: they clearly presented the audience, masterfully added and arranged all available content on just one landing page, the design is simple and understandable, it has to learn more about the product. We made the title as receptive as possible: it stands out among other components, the design and content balance is maintained. The text is concise and informative, it meets the search queries of visitors. One of the important elements is the button "ordering tickets". Bright, eye-catching, however unobtrusive, which embodies one of the main marketing moves - the call for a decision. We avoided filling with unnecessary facts, advertising, referral links or inappropriate illustrations, which distract the user from accomplishing the targeted action. An essential link in the success chain is the feedback section. After all, this convinces users of your good reputation and decency, which affects the final result - the purchase of tickets.

Experts DSR Project coped with the task perfectly - they made every effort to make the web resource convenient, but at the same time - beautiful. If you want to create a marketing platform, get effective management of Internet marketing, then contact our design studio and competent experts will develop landing page for you taking into account all the nuances. You will be satisfied with the result, and visits and the growth of popularity will not keep you waiting!

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