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One of our latest works is the creation of a website for the company Ezra, which is a non-profit organization, the official representative of Taglit Israel, helping young Jews living in the Diaspora learn more about their homeland: the history of Israel and its modern life, culture and traditions . This is an educational project sponsored by the government and Jewish communities. All conditions are created here, so that Jewish youth feel part of a great nation. Any representative between the ages of 18 and 26, if he has not previously participated in such a cultural and educational trip, can take advantage of a unique chance and feel the Jewish heritage and self-awareness for free. 10-day trip is given as a gift!

Let us pass directly to our work.

On the main page we have placed information about the offer, news and advantages of the organization. There is also a registration button, which encourages action, which is one of the basic techniques in building the concept of web resources. On this web page, we aimed not only to place content, transmit information, our goal was to impress. Because the target audience does not care about the color of the buttons, the font size and other technical details, our main task is to create the most attractive offer that will interest the user. Having visited the site, you experience real emotions, I want to know more about the program. Here you can find comprehensive information about the terms of participation, the nearest events, their itinerary, photos of our adventures, as well as means of communication with the organizers.

In the design studio "DSR Project" every specialist is a professional in his field. We create interesting sites with a unique design and quality content. We know that the most important thing for a customer is the proper supply of themselves, their products or services.

Realizing our projects, we are based on your wishes and your own experience. "DSR Project" can win the attention of those who really represent value for your project.

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