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David Roytman Luxury Judaica

Our pride is the creation of a site for the David Roytman Luxury Judaica design house. The exquisite Jewish attributes of the luxury class are presented here. The ingenious developments made by hand by the best professional masters, and as a result, the company presents unsurpassed masterpieces in the world of high fashion of Judaica.

Today, the worldwide network is not just a source of entertainment, but also one of the most productive methods in the field of marketing, an indispensable means of advertising. A website is an indispensable element in the system of successful entrepreneurship.

We managed to implement this project at the highest level, taking into account all the norms and requirements for such e-shop, as well as the wishes of the customer. We made every effort to ensure that this e-commerce was most fruitful and beneficial. This website provided an opportunity for the customer to declare their activities. This is an online store, which is an interactive site with a catalog of products, as well as a basket for ordering.

The web resource contains the following sections:

In addition, we have connected online chat, so that customers can instantly get advice on any issue of interest to them.

The menu of the store is arranged on the principle of "carousel", on which the commodity items rotate. This is an interesting design solution that not only attracts the attention of users, but is also convenient in the functional plan. Each section contains a general description of the categories: the purpose of the products, their history and production features. When you go to a specific product, a page with a description and photos opens, the price and the ability to add it to the shopping cart.

The site is in two languages: Russian and English. Also, our developers launched a similar mobile application.

If you want your business to be ahead of competitors, you just need an adaptive electronic portal that will effectively solve marketing tasks. Specialists of our studio will help in creating such a business tool for stationary and mobile devices.

The DSR Project team performs the work in a high-quality and on time, which guarantees a brilliant result - highly effective websites that will meet all your expectations.

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