3D background

3D modeling in Moscow

Perhaps we should start by defining what 3D modeling is. This is the creation of three-dimensional shapes that can rotate 360 degrees. This allows you to build a landscape, change places or edit different details, draw a texture and much more! 3D visualization greatly simplifies the further implementation of the project. We use 3D to create 3D elements for the purpose of product presentation and its further successful promotion.

In addition, our specialists can create 3D interior modeling. This allows you to visually assess the location of interior items from all sides, as well as, if necessary, edit, for example, lighting, the color of the parquet or a trace element of any kind. Detailing occurs up to a millimeter. When creating a design interior design, we take into account all the wishes of the customer and offer their options, which will help our generators of creative ideas and part-time 3D designers. Qualified specialists with rich professional experience and high-quality performance of tasks are the basic criteria of our web studio work.

Now a few words about advertising. One of the marketing moves is the presentation of the presentation, in which 3D modeling also takes place. This helps to present the advertised products as clearly as possible. Thanks to this modern technology, our works surprise with stunning graphics and detail of each element.

3D visualization is a complicated and painstaking work, here you need a special creative approach and professionalism that DSR Project specialists have! The responsibility for the result, the qualitative accomplishment of the task in hand, is the unchanging principles of our work.